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The private vendor selected by the school will prepare and deliver food to the school in accordance with standards established by the Florida Department of Professional and Business Regulations.


An organized area for meal services (i.e. cafeteria) that meets health regulations will be designated at the school site. The School will provide basic equipment for serving meals and foods will be maintained at the proper temperatures through acquisition and use of necessary equipment. The school will provide meals in accordance with dietary guidelines set forth by the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs.


The School have the required annual inspections conducted to maintain a Food Sanitation Certificate from the Florida Department of Health. The School adhere to all the reporting requirements and document the necessary paperwork to meet the specifications of the annual sanitation certification. The private vendor required to maintain and supply the school with daily records of all lunches served and current copies of inspection and insurance certificates.


Free and Reduced Lunch


The Applicant is an approved Sponsor of the National School Lunch Program and therefore, the School will be eligible for lunch reimbursements during their first year of operation. The School will provide meals as per the National School Lunch and Breakfast Program for all children, including free and reduced priced meals for students unable to pay the full price.


To apply for free or reduced priced meals, parents of students must fill out an application and return it to the school. Application forms will also be sent to all homes with a letter to parents/guardians. The school will provide copies of the application forms to parents at any time they enroll in the school and also at the beginning of the school year. Administrative staff will be available to answer any parent questions or concerns.


After the application is processed, a response is forwarded to each child and the child's parents/guardians in accordance with the National School Lunch Act (42 U.S.C. 1751(b)(2)(C)).

A confidential list is then compiled by the school and forwarded to the food service manager.


Students from households with incomes of less than or equal to the income criteria may be eligible for free or reduced priced meals. Students from households who receive food stamps and/or Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF) and who have a social security number on file at the school may be eligible for direct certification. Students approved by direct certification will be required to have an application on file.


The Governing Board will adopt its lunch program budget once the School has processed all free/reduced lunch applications. Based on the Applicant’s experience with implementing lunch programs at other existing charter schools which it operates, the School anticipates that the revenue collected from full-price lunches, coupled with the reimbursements received for students qualifying for free/reduced lunch, will adequately cover the costs related to the lunch program, including food, supplies, and personnel.

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