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School’s plan for transportation, including plans for contracting services.


The governing body of the School will provide transportation through an agreement or contract with a private provider. The School will make arrangements to ensure that transportation is not a barrier to equal access for all students residing within a reasonable distance of the School, as provided in the Florida’s Charter School Legislation.


The School will use a two-mile minimum and a four-mile maximum radius as defining a reasonable distance to the school. This is comparable to the criteria implemented by the local school district. Circumstances will certainly arise where a parent is unable to provide for his or her child’s transportation to or from school. The School will contract private carriers to provide specialized transportation for students with disabilities, based on their particular need, as specified in the child’s IEP.


The school will enter into agreements with the parents of the students requiring them to provide transportation for their students. That requirement shall be part of the school’s parental involvement obligation. The school believes that the time a parent can spend daily transporting the student (his or her child) to/from the school is a valuable opportunity for the parent and student to strengthen their bond and share information regarding the day’s activities and events at the school.

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