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Student and/or family contracts that will be used as a requisite for initial and continued enrollment in the school.


The home school partnership is solidified through a Student and Parent Contract, entered into as a requisite for initial and continued enrollment at the School. This is included in the Appendix. Parental involvement is a major initiative of the School and parents willingly agree to the required 30 hours of service as an investment in the child’s education and the School provides various options to complete such obligation.


Through the contract, parents and students agree, as members of the School’s family, to abide by all School rules and regulations, and specifically, the parent contract stipulates various items that will be utilized in support of the child’s education, providing certain means for ensuring their success. For example, the parent contract dictates that the parent adhere to the following:


The School’s Student Code of Excellence, parent acknowledges receipt at time of registration.

The School’s attendance policy that speaks to withholding of credit due to absences, unexcused absences, the tardiness policy and authority for signing students out from school, and the consequences, such as detention, etc.

The school’s uniform policy and acknowledgement of receipt of the parent/student handbook at time of registration.

The minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 to: graduate from high school in the State of Florida; participate in sports and activities; and subsequent development and responsibility to aspects of a Progress Monitoring Plan (PMP) if GPA is not maintained.

An acceptance of the 30 hours of parental volunteerism prior to the last day of school

Breach of the parental contract may result in the child’s losing preferential re-enrollment status at the School for the following school year, meaning they may not automatically articulate to the next grade level without reapplying for open enrollment.

Explain any other efforts to encourage parental and community involvement, if applicable.


Parents and community members will have extensive opportunities for involvement in various aspects of school operations. Parental and community involvement in school matters is a fundamental and required part of the philosophy and operation of the School.

The School will ensure that parents, teachers, and other community members are actively engaged in the design and implementation of the School. Examples of areas where parents and community members will be involved are:


Educational Excellence School Advisory Council (EESAC) - comprised of school personnel, parents, students, local businesses, and community members. This council meets monthly to discuss significant issues concerning the school (needs for materials, budget, curriculum plan, pupil progression, etc.).

Quarterly Parent/Teacher Conferences – hosted in the evenings at the School for parents to discuss topics that affect their children’s educational progress

Open houses, Career Fairs, Family Picnic - held yearly to maintain communication and active involvement between School and community.

School Website, Monthly Newsletters, and Event Calendars – updated monthly to disseminate information and maintain open lines of communication in the community.

Parental Service Contracts – parents are expected to volunteer a minimum of 30 hours with their child’s teacher and/or be involved in school activities.

Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) –coordinates extra-curricular events involving the community

Parents and Community Members - serve as non-voting, ex-officio members of the Governing Board

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