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The curriculum at the school is designed to promote complete student achievement of the new Florida Standards, the Florida’s New Generation Standards/Competency Based Curriculum in the core subject areas of Language Arts, Reading, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Our school also offers special area classes in Spanish, Art, Music and Physical Education. All subjects are driven through the use of research-based instructional textbooks and materials and supplemented by a wide variety of educational technology programs.

The goal of instruction is to convey a deep level of comprehension of each benchmark within these standards sets. To achieve true mastery of the Florida Standards and the NGSSS, a spiral approach is used in implementing the curriculum, meaning key concepts are continually revisited in instruction at various stages of student development. 


Therefore, our curriculum encompasses elements of whole group, small group, and cooperative group activities. Adjustments to the curriculum are consistently being met in order to adhere by the state and District’s recommendations. Moreover, teachers and administrators work cohesively to ensure each student’s academic individual needs are being met with consistency and fidelity.


The following measures will ensure successful delivery of the curriculum:

Instructional practices founded in solid research (including Marzano’s instructional strategies, Archer’s explicit instruction techniques, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Curriculum Focal Points, Beck’s vocabulary instruction, and Moats’ literacy instruction) Documentation of the new Florida Standards daily lesson plans to ensure a solid focus on standards-based instruction


Instructional decisions based on student data

Continuous monitoring of student progress


Immediate intensive intervention provided for students performing below expectation,based on data

Continuous review of curriculum based on data

Focus on interactive, real-world learning experiences to promote application of standards

Dynamic assessment to keep data current and connected to instruction

Differentiated instruction in all subject areas

Emphasis on technology integration

Ongoing professional development for teachers

Targeted strategies for Exceptional Student Education students and English Language Learners

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